“You can’t beat a fresh vegetable soup,” he says.

I don’t say anything but somehow I think you probably can.

Caz is fed up. Life has been tough since Dad left. Why does she always have to do everything? What is wrong with Mum? Why is her brother always so angry?

To her dismay, when Mum is rushed into hospital she is packed off to stay in a cluttered cottage in the country with her grandfather, who she barely knows. What sort of man is he and why doesn’t he come and visit them anymore?

Despite her initial misgivings, the two of them form a close relationship and her trust and confidence builds as she learns about the natural world around her, with a bit of an adventure along the way, while he learns a thing or two about the pressures of growing up in the modern world.

In this emotional and ultimately uplifting story of family relationships, we see how small changes can lead to bigger ones and how older and younger generations can learn from each other. In just a week, life can begin to look a whole lot better.